Molkim Industrial Products is the Turkey distributor of Evaled, the leader of the best technical evaporation systems in waste water treatment systems.

EVALED; With evaporation systems, it decomposes chemicals such as heavy metals and toxic components in wastewater, removing 90-95% of water from waste and returning it to production. It is maximum environment friendly with minimum waste cost by minimizing the waste and production costs of the companies.


  • It reduces the amount of waste water. It restores water to production.
  • It reduces the waste cost to zero by recycling Cr+6 baths with the zero waste principle.
  • It provides the recovery of precious metals such as Au.
  • It plays a role in the disposal of toxic baths.
  • It processes up to 1-200m3 of waste water per day.
  • It provides energy saving by providing boiling at low temperatures under pressure.
  • It reduces the CO2 footprint.

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