Borer Chemie Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning processes that do not leave residue in sensitive parts cleaning and ultrasonic parts cleaning increase product quality.

Today, residue-free cleaning of surfaces plays a vital role in almost every industrial production process.
It improves the quality of your excellent cleaning products.

The future lies in aqueous cleaning techniques.
The implementation of quality management systems and increasingly stringent environmental legislation has led to an increasing focus on aqueous cleaning techniques. This technology is now firmly established in many areas. Benefit from Borer Chemie AG’s vast experience and the wide range of deconex® branded products and processes available.

  • Perfectly cleans polishing paste / cutting oils.
  • It prevents blackening of copper and brass parts and takes their oxides.
  • It gives perfect results by providing detailed cleaning in the molds.
  • With its hydrophobic (water repellent) feature, it provides easy drying and prevents water stains.
  • It prevents the formation of corrosion.
  • It does not contain flammable and carcinogenic substances.
  • It prevents and protects the corrosion caused by the washing process.
  • It complies with environmental regulations.

Molkim is the only authorized distributor of Borer Chemie AG in the Industrial cleaning product group in Turkey.

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