Immersion Bath Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning in the industry can basically be defined as the process of removing unwanted pollution from the surface.

Immersion is an inexpensive and simple cleaning operation widely used in industry.

In the immersion process, the parts that need to be cleaned are placed in a cleaning solution bath and kept in the immersion bath for a sufficient time to remove the dirt. Although this method requires a minimum amount of labor, it requires more time than other cleaning methods. Not recommended for high volume cleaning requirements.

The immersion process can be done in hot or cold baths, adding heat to the immersion bath can accelerate the cleaning process. However, it should be noted that only water-based baths can be heated, solvent-based baths should be kept away from heat and igniters.

The dipping process can be used in applications such as degreasing, rust removal, lime removal, paint and coating removal, polishing.