Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial cleaning chemicals of Molkim; shows superior performance in oil / grease removal, rust removal, descaling, oxidation removal, surface polishing, polishing paste cleaning and corrosion prevention. Our industrial cleaning chemicals offers a wide range of products effective on surfaces such as aluminum, copper, brass, steel, iron, silver and zinc.

Our Product Groups

  • There are effective and long-lasting products for all kinds of dirt in dip baths.

  • Our cleaning chemicals clings to steep surfaces and processes dirt thanks to dense foam and no dilution required. We have suitable products for every metal group.

  • It penetrates the dirt instantly and provides easy rinsing thanks to its chemical formula and also no dilution required.

  • Wide range of solvents for degreasing processes.

  • It is a product group that has a scale in oxide and rust stains according to the depth of the rust. It can be used by ultrasonic method or by applying to the surface. It is suitable for all materials.

  • It is used to remove lime residues.

  • It is a product group with a wide product list with or without foam in vibration and deburring processes.