Dry Lubricant for Conveyors

Molkim Industrial Chemicals company, is executive Turkey distributor of RM2000T dry lubricant products which are mostly used in Tetra Pak conveyor lines.

RM2000T® is an oil based PTFE lubricant which is completely food grade. It is the result of a special process that ensures the PTFE remains in suspension in the oil for long periods. This capability means it can be dosed in small quantities onto the specific conveyor parts where it is needed knowing the PTFE will be where it is required.

Other so-called dry lubricants are aqueous based emulsions of silicone and water, which promotes bacterial growth. RM2000T has an oil base and is totally inert and will not promote bacterial growth.

Other “dry” lubricants are water miscible and will mix with juice and milk spilled on the line making the chain sticky and increasing friction on the package. RM2000T cannot mix with spillage and, as it contains PTFE, expels spilled product from the chain.