SDC Anti-Fog Anti- Scratch

Molkim Endüstriyel is the official distibutor of SDC Tech products in Turkey. SDC Technologies is the recognized market leader in the development and manufacturing of premium abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistant coatings for plastics, glass and metal substrates.

  • Provides first class abrasion and chemical resistance, optically clear, thermal and UV protected hard coatings for various architectural and construction materials. Applications include doors, staircases, benches, furniture such as tables and chairs, decorative glass walls and partitions, outdoor digital signage and display cases.
  • Optically clear, first-class CrystalCoat ™ multi-purpose surface coating enhances the durability of weather-resistant equipment such as aircraft parts, boats, windows, cockpit dashboards, canopies and helmets. Our innovative patented transport applications include cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, trains, buses and cars. FSI Coating Technologies also offers a wide range of complementary anti-fog coating and film solutions for the automotive, aerospace and transportation industries.
  • Our anti-fog film and sheet solutions for cold room and supermarket freezer displays provide superior optical clarity while supporting environmental leadership and sustainability initiatives.
  • FSICT coatings and film products are well suited to electronics, dramatically improving durability with anti-fog, outdoor weatherability and resistance to scratch and chemical attack.
  • Anti-Fog Coatings provide compulsory visual clarity for military, defense and security applications. Premium multi-purpose abrasion, chemical, impact and scratch resistance properties as well as protection for bulletproof and unbreakable safety glass
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can work with you to determine an ideal coating solution for your plastic, glass, metal, paper, wood, and other products. Coating can add value to your product by adding durability and extending its life or simply enhancing its cosmetic appearance.
  • SDC’s CrystalCoat™ protective coatings provide uncompromising visual clarity and premium durability to sun and sports eyewear. These coatings can be used on tinted or clear substrates such as polycarbonate, polyamide, cast resins and acrylic.

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