Evaled Evaporator Treatment Systems

Molkim Endüstriyel, is the distributor of Italian Evaled waste water treatment Systems, recycling and reducing the waste costs by using the best technique “evaporation”.

Evaled, with evaporation systems, separates chemicals such as heavy metals and toxic compounds from waste water and 90-95% rate of the water restores to your production. It enables to eliminate the wastes that have become solid sludge and do not contain water, more economically and reduce your waste costs. In addition, some valuable materials in the waste water can also bring back to production.

  • Reduces the amount of waste water, often works with the principle of zero liquid discharge. Restores water to production.
  • Turns your waste water into sludge and reduces waste costs.
  • Recovers Cr + 6 baths with zero waste principle and eliminates waste costs.
  • It plays an important role in the disposal of toxic baths.
  • Can recover valuable production components.
  • Can process 1-200 m³ of waste water per day.
  • Provides energy saving by boiling at low temperatures under pressure, Reduces CO2 footprint.

In addition to all its eco-friendly effects, it completely recovers the investment made within a maximum of one to one and a half years.

For detailed information: www.evaled.com